A swarm of small earthquakes struck the Southern California city of Fillmore Wednesday, according to a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, prompting concerns that they could signal the arrival of a larger quake sooner or later. The quakes began around 3:00 AM with a 1.4 magnitude tremor, according to the Southern California Earthquake Data Center at the California Institute of Technology. The largest registered a magnitude of 2.7, while most of the several dozen quakes fell below 2.0, meaning that many of them were likely too light to be felt.

The strongest of this week’s quakes was felt largely in a rural area, the USGS noted, just outside Fillmore and about 6 miles west of Santa Paula, California. Dr. Lucy Jones, a seismologist with USGS, said on Twitter that while all earthquakes make another subsequent quake more likely, there’s no way to predict whether this week’s temblors mean a larger quake is coming or not. FULL REPORT