Millennials in the Republican Party are telling their GOP elders to shape up or be prepared to ship out – gay marriage isn’t going anywhere and they need to embrace the issue or face voter backlash. “This issue is not going away – it’s not a fad,” said S.E. Cupp, a self-described conservative who contributes to CNN. She gave a near-tearful commentary on the heels of the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, praising the decision as a boon for America. 

“I didn’t get emotional because of the politics,” she said, the Hill reported. “It’s about millennials watching their friends come out, this is about parents who have seen their gay teens commit suicide. … This is personal for people.” Now those of the millennial generation – defined as between the ages of 18 and 34 – who also tout conservative politics are pressing their Republican colleagues to back gay marriage. FULL REPORT