A Colorado man who was struck by lightning while working in his yard west of Golden – the bolt struck a nearby tree, then jumped to the man’s head, traveled through his body and apparently exited through his fingertips, exploding his hat, shirt and gloves – is taking it in stride. “My heart is all right, and my brain will be all right,” reported Jerry Leenheer, 71. He had burns on his arms and fingers, which were very painful. His right ear was deafened by the strike, but he hopes to regain his hearing.

Doctors performed a full body MRI and all tests were negative. He was released from the hospital on Monday and reports his doctors anticipate a recovery period of two weeks. It happened July 15 when storms moved across the Robinson Hill area just west of Golden, where he and his wife, Cora Jean, have lived since 1981. Jerry was out trimming trees that day for fire mitigation, accompanied by his dog Josie. MORE