After the debate over the confederate flag being flown at the South Carolina statehouse, Gregg Suzanne McAllister says she was inspired to revisit the issue of the school’s name, which she has been hoping to see changed for several years. “It’s always been a thorn in my side. The fact that I live in a state that would honor General Stonewall Jackson, who, to me, was fighting for the wrong cause,” said McAllister. “It was the wrong cause because it upheld the oppression of African slavery.”

McAllister visited with Kanawha County school officials to figure out how to go about changing the school’s name. She then posted the petition on July 2, which started gaining several signatures on Tuesday. “This might be the low-hanging fruit, and I know we have much bigger issues to deal with as far as educating and closing the achievement gap of African American students. But, this is an obvious fix,” said McAllister. “We want to revisit this in Charleston, West Virginia, because Stonewall Jackson Middle School has a majority minority population.” FULL REPORT