Google plans to air a powerful commercial on national television about the emotional journey of a transgender man moments before Caitlyn Jenner makes her first major public appearance to receive the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage during the annual ESPY Awards. The 2 1/2-minute spot was first released on YouTube last month to celebrate gay pride. By running it on national television Wednesday night Google says it’s sending a message about the importance of acceptance and equality in the business world.

More Americans who have wrestled with gender identity are transitioning openly, but often with trepidation that they will face intolerance, even discrimination. Google is looking to touch hearts and change minds with the heartening story of 26-year-old Jake Nothnagel, who grew up feeling he was a boy trapped in a girl’s body. The commercial is a rare glimpse into gender transition, from testosterone doses to a medical procedure to more closely align his body with his gender identity. MORE