Is it just an unfortunate case of biotechnology gone wrong, or does the French government’s “accidental” release of a genetically-modified (GMO) ewe into France’s food supply signify something more sinister? This is one of the pertinent questions being asked following a recent announcement by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) that one of its GMO test lambs somehow ended up being sold to a private party — which is against the law in France — and secretly placed into the food supply.

The GMO lamb in question had been under investigation as part of a research project looking at human transplants for heart disease. The transgenic ewe was never intended to leave the INRA laboratory, and it most assuredly was never meant to be consumed by humans. Nevertheless, the animal, which was birthed by its GMO mother, was somehow shipped from the facility on August 5, 2014, to a “partner abattoir,” and its carcass was then sold to another private individual on October 28 of the same year. FULL REPORT