Witnesses say three people performed an exorcism at a public park in Texas on Thursday morning. “They start getting louder and louder,” witness Sherri Jackson said. “She was on the ground and they were standing over her with hands on her and screaming ‘Satan, I demand that you depart,’ and it went on and on.


It was very bizarre.” Jackson says she normally starts her day at the park, called Memorial Gardens, with a perusal of the Bible and a quick prayer, but this day was just a little different.

“No Bible was read, no prayer, because it got a little too crazy,” she said. Eyewitnesses who were at the park during the incident say the three were originally sitting on a bench, but they eventually moved to the ground in front of a pond. “Jesus can heal anybody but it’s just not something you expect to see at the duck pond, but I’m glad to know everybody’s OK,” Jackson said. MORE