The Scripture tells Christians to “honor God with your body,” and now physicians are finding the Bible is not only a guide to a healthy spiritual life but a healthy physical life as well. Nutritional expert and weight loss specialist Dr. Don Colbert and Dr. Reginald Cherry of the television program “The Doctor and the World” have released a series of guides identifying the God-given health secrets provided within the Bible to lead a happy and healthy life. The books provide a holistic approach for diet, exercise, nutrition and spirituality. Readers are given both a practical plan to solving their health problems and guidance for where to look in Scripture for prayers and readings related to their medical issues. 

The new claims are part of a larger trend of looking back to ancient wisdom for contemporary health problems. Recently, scientists from the University of Southern California created headlines around the world for reportedly developing a regimen of fasting and diet changes that reduced risk factors for a host of diseases and health problems. They even claimed it slowed aging. Celebrities such as singer Beyoncé and actor Benedict Cumberbatch have also touted the benefits of the ancient practice of fasting. And fad diets such as the “Paleo” diet or even more outlandish programs telling people to eat insects continue to gain in popularity as Americans search desperately for diets perceived as more “natural” or “organic.” FULL REPORT