Americans tend to think their country is invulnerable to devastating, catastrophic attack – despite Pearl Harbor, despite 9/11 and despite the recent mega-hack of the entire personnel database of the federal government. After all, we have a great military machine that can project force anywhere in the world when necessary. Our soldiers are fearless. They fight in the air, on land, in the sea and in darkness better than any others in the world.

We have sophisticated weapons and technology on our side. But what if the big attack on America is one in which our military can’t defend us at all? More and more, that seems not only like a possibility, but a probability. In fact, we’ve seen some dress rehearsals for this kind of war recently. What this means is that enemies are prepared, willing and able to exploit vulnerabilities of our civilian government infrastructure to avoid a direct head-on confrontation with our strength – our fighting forces. FULL REPORT