This thing is going to be massive. America had its Polar Vortex in 2013, when frigid air streamed down from the north pole causing major snowfalls and record cold temperatures. Eastern Australia, it’s your turn now. Prepare for the Antarctic Vortex. That’s not a technical term. It’s the nickname we’ve given this weather system, but we’re sticking with it. Others, meanwhile, have developed their own monikers. 

It’s now only a day or so until the Vortex roars across eastern Australia, bringing freezing temperatures and the likelihood of prolonged snowfalls to low levels. In the mountains things have already kicked off this morning, as the 11am “beer-o-meter” pic demonstrates.And here’s a Friday lunchtime picture from Black Sallees Mountain Bistro in Thredbo, which we’re sure serves generous portions of delicious everything. FULL REPORT