A Facebook feed caught my attention this week. A picture of a gay-affirming church at a Nashville Pride parade holding up a banner with written letters for all the gay community to see, “God is PROUD of you”. Passionate commenters posted to this thread throughout the day: “These people call themselves a church, but while they think they are being loving, they are actually expressing hate. Their demonstration of “love” and “acceptance” is an encouragement for sinners to remain under God’s wrath. That is not God’s love.”

“Are you saying people with a different orientation are not deserving of God’s love?” “How could you possibly read that into what he is saying? God’s love sent His Son to us to save us from our sins. Love doesn’t affirm us in our sins. We all have an orientation towards sinful behavior. But, Jesus Christ came to set us free so that we will not be subjects of God’s wrath on the Day of Judgment. Unless we turn from our sinful orientations, believe and obey the gospel, we will all be condemned to eternal damnation.” FULL REPORT