Most parents fear their teenager might get a tattoo or a piercing without their permission. But technology enthusiast Bryon Wake, 15, injected himself with a microchip in a DIY operation in his bedroom while his unwitting mother and father were downstairs.
The tiny chip – the size of a grain of rice – can be programmed so the schoolboy can control his mobile phone, unlock doors, and even hand out electronic business cards. 

The cyborg teenager – who believes he is the youngest person in the world to have the chip implanted – ordered the kit from the United States and went ahead with the procedure despite being warned a medic should help. He said: ‘I didn’t tell my parents until three days later. They took it better than expected because they had already told me not to do it. ‘And then when I did tell them I’d done it, they just went with it. ‘Afterwards I had checked it out at the doctor who said it was fine and they were happy. FULL REPORT