A powerful plan is unfolding in the body of Christ for this hour. As God’s purposes are being revealed for this generation, there are many transitions in how the church functions, what it looks like and its structure. Father is raising up revival hubs in various regions. They carry something unique and significant. There is a prophetic picture coming forth of a new wineskin (structure) emerging to return the church to her roots. We can look back at the Old Testament to get some insight into what is coming forth. The body is moving from the House of Saul to the House of David.

There are fresh messages coming forth! The Lord is taking the fiery coals from the Holy place and touching the lips of His servants to give voice and expression to what He is saying to His bride. There are messengers arising carrying the announcement of the new season. There is also an ongoing clash between the Houses of Saul and David. During his reign as King, Saul was transformed from a meek, passionate lover of God to a domineering, oppressive ruler who actively fought against those whom God was raising up. David was a powerful young prophet who found his identity in the presence of God. Saul ruled with an iron fist and resisted the emerging ministry of David. FULL MESSAGE