A few weeks ago I felt led to write this blog. I dismissed it immediately with the thought that I have no right nor credibility to discuss the matter. I’m no theologian, have no doctorate, and have personally never had alcohol in my existence. God convinced me otherwise. Within the week, I saw numerous posts on my feed of Christian people drinking and God continued speaking to my heart with different Scripture verses and convictions.

I want to share my perspective on the effects of drinking based on God’s Word and from the eyes of a young, impressionable Christian. No matter what I do, when I see or hear of Christian people drinking, my spiritual respect level for that person plummets. I have no judgement or condemnation towards them but I just can’t help that I no longer carry the same regard that I did before. I wondered why, asking God to help me find clarity. I stumbled upon this verse in 2 Timothy 2:20-22: MORE