Video Surfaces of Christians Singing ‘Who Makes Nations Tremble?’ at Moment Earthquake Rocked Nepal

A video has surfaced online of Christians singing about God making the nations tremble at the exact moment that the earthquake rocked the country on Monday.
Three young men had begun singing the hymn “Almighty, Unchangeable God” at a house church meeting.

“Who spread out the clouds before Him? Who fashioned the earth with His hands?” the men sang. “Who created the starry host and formed the earth at His command?” The congregation sat listening quietly. “Who scatters lightning before Him? Commands the rain and snow to fall?” “Who makes the nations tremble?” they sang.

At the exact moment the men sang the line, the room began to shake. “Earthquake,” one woman said calmly to the others, but her voice gaining urgency as she repeated the word. “Earthquake. Earthquake!” Second later, screams rang out as the room shook. The Christians called upon the name of the Lord. “Let’s pray!” one called out. “Lord, You are there!” another said. “Jesus! Jesus!” a third proclaimed. Within a minute, the ground stopped shaking and the people calmly moved outside. MORE

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  1. Allah wants to destroy. Jesus wants to heal. End of story all of you unbelievers. Jesus is life. Everything after earth in this day and age will be unimaginable. No ear has heard. No eye has seen. No heart has conceived what the lord has in store store for those that love him. Follow truth please. Or this country will be like every other country in history that falls because of sin. Sin grows when one after another follow the same path. Just like the little kids in the middle east. Heaven will be crazy beautiful and heart full filing. And the other side is hell. Hell. Hell. Hell. Hell. Hell. Hell. Do you get it. You have a choice. You really do. So…individually choose life or death because no matter how much people through out history have talked about end times. THIS IS IT. Technology can’t get more advanced with CERN in Switzerland. Love God, and your future is amazingly glorious

  2. Praise Jesus!!!

  3. Mighty is the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

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