It ought to be “Exhibit A” in the case against transforming the American healthcare system into a single-payer version of Obamacare: The collapsing state of Britain’s National Health System. As reported recently by the Daily Mail, the pride of Britain — it’s healthcare system — is close to total disintegration, and officials who run it have had to cut services “to the bone” in order to keep it afloat. That, they say, will only work for so long. The Mail quoted from an open letter published in the country’s most prestigious medical publication, the British Medical Journal, by Dr. Fiona Godlee, editor-in-chief of the magazine, and her colleagues.

The NHS is “stretched close to [the] breaking point,” as its finances have been “cut to the bone,” the letter noted. The doctors said that the public’s safety is increasingly at risk and the next five years will prove to be the “most challenging” to NHS that England has ever faced. The blame game begins, but the fact is the system is collapsing The letter came a day after The BMJ published a piece stating that efforts to cut the amount of salt in food have been “derailed” by ministers in a way that may have cost 6,000 lives; the article apparently said nothing about the fact that the government wanted to mandate food content in the first place, and therefore mandate personal behavior (which is what governments do when they are fully in charge of services and have limited resources). FULL REPORT