A tornado claims the life of one person in a rural area of north Texas on Saturday and destroyed at least two houses, a local emergency official said, just days after a series of twisters tore through several Great Plains states. The twister touched down about five miles (eight kilometres) south of Cisco, a farm and ranch district, from where it travelled in a straight line and tore through several houses in its path, said Rex Fields, the Eastland County judge and local emergency management coordinator. 

One person was killed, Fields said. He could not immediately provide more information on the victim. At least two houses were destroyed in the area about 130 miles (210km) east of Dallas, and others might have been damaged too, Fields said. Roads were partly flooded because of the storm. “We can’t exactly tell what … we’ve got just yet,” Fields said. “We don’t even have everybody accounted for.” In eastern Colorado, three tornadoes touched down in rural areas on Saturday, said Jim Kalina, a national weather service meteorologist. There were no reports of injuries or property damage from the weak twisters, he said. MORE