A mainstream news station contacted Infowars requesting information about Jade Helm, to which David Knight responded in extreme detail, but the station ignored the facts he provided and spun concerns over the controversial military drill as “paranoid.” “When KVUE contacted me and we spoke verbally, they said they were looking to do a fear vs. fact piece,” Knight said, who spent 30 minutes on the phone with the Austin, Texas, station and e-mailed them extensive information about Jade Helm. “I tried to give them the facts, but ABC apparently wanted to emphasize the fear, label it ‘paranoia’ and ignore the facts.”

But in the interest of giving the public full access to the facts regarding Jade Helm, instead of allowing mainstream media to bury them to the government’s benefit, we have published below the e-mail exchange between Knight and KVUE, which the station never used in its reporting.

KVUE: 1) If Jade Helm 15 is not a training exercise, what do you believe Jade Helm 15 is? Why? Where are documents/proof?

David Knight: There’s been a concerted effort to deliberately misrepresent what we’ve said. Thank you for being one of the few outlets to contact us for comment. Most articles have proceeded to build a strawman and then tear it apart.

We first reported on Jade Helm on March 22. The Drudge Report picked up the story and the Jade Helm document but establishment media ignored it until this week. There has been a media frenzy mischaracterizing our concerns in the last couple of days. Here are some of our responses: MORE