There is a segment of our society that is ready to blame President Obama for everything, including America’s moral disintegration. Although Obama’s election and re-election were manifestations of America’s decline, he is not the cause of it. And although Hillary Clinton’s election would be the final nail in the coffin of the America we once knew, she will not be responsible for it either. So who is responsible for placing society’s body over the bottomless pit of moral decay? 

I, for one, place the entire blame at the feet of some church leaders—those who actively worked to obliterate the biblical moral code, and those who by their silence essentially acquiesced to its destruction. It was in the 1980s that the Episcopal Church not only pushed acceptance of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle (under the guise of “love and anti-discrimination”), but then to prove their point, ordained practicing homosexuals into the priesthood. Then, instead of condemning the Episcopal Church for its departure from God’s creation blueprint, the Presbyterian Church USA, soon to be joined by the Methodists, felt that they must join in the destruction. For who on God’s earth wants to be branded as someone who “discriminates”? MORE