Florida Senator Marco Rubio has followed up Senator Tom Cotton’s Iran baiting with a warning: the current deal with Iran on its nuclear program will result in war. Rubio said the current deal will prompt Israel to attack Iran. “I would argue that a bad deal almost guarantees war, because Israel is not going to abide by any deal that they believe puts them and their existence in danger,” he told the National Review Institute Ideas Summit. Rubio, who recently announced a bid for the presidency, said Iran will “exploit any loophole in a deal that it can find” and use the arrangement to attack the West.

“We’ll blow up a bomb in one of their cities. We’ll blow up their embassies in Latin America. We’ll kill Americans. We’re going to punish them — a stronger Iran,” he told conservative scholars and donors attending the summit. Earlier this week Tom Cotton tweeted a challenge to Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif. Cotton said he wants to debate “Iran’s record of tyranny, treachery and terror.” “Serious diplomacy, not macho personal smear, is what we need,” Zarif tweeted Thursday and congratulated the Arkansas senator on the birth of a new son. ON April 9, Cotton said he favors a military strike on Iran. “The United States military has amazing capabilities,” Cotton told USA Today. MORE