A second round of rain from a rare spring storm swept into drought-stricken Southern California on Friday, along with heavy winds and snow in the mountains before heading inland, where other states were also feeling weird late-season weather.In San Diego, rain poured steadily a day after the regional water authority decided residents can water lawns no more than twice a week – a measure aimed at achieving sweeping state-mandated cuts to water consumption during drought. 

Mariana Dominguez, 41, said she wasn’t bothered that her morning commute to a dry cleaning business in San Diego’s Ocean Beach neighborhood doubled to 40 minutes. “It’s nice because we need the rain with the drought and everything. It cleans up the air. In San Diego, you don’t see this very often,” she said. A small but determined number of surfers, swimmers and strollers went in the water at San Diego’s Ocean Beach, including Erin Lale, 46, who was on vacation from Las Vegas. MORE