Just as we were watching for, now professionals are saying publicly…… we could be looking a new eruption in Hawaii along the lines of what occurred 5 days before the 2011 Japan 9.0M mega-earthquake. Currently, in 2015, we have a large swarm of earthquakes occurring on the flanks of Kilauea volcano which is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. In addition to the earthquakes we also have a draining interior lava lake inside Kilauea caldera.

Earthquakes on Hawaii volcano could signal new eruption

“A series of earthquakes and shifting ground on the slopes of Kilauea have scientists wondering what will happen next at one of the world’s most active volcanos. A lake of lava near the summit of Kilauea on Hawaii’s Big Island had risen to a record-high level after a recent explosion. But in the past few days, the pool of molten rock began sinking, and the surface of the lava lake fell nearly 500 feet.

Meanwhile, a rash of earthquakes rattled the volcano with as many as 20 to 25 quakes per hour, and scientists’ tilt meters detected that the ground was deforming. “Clearly the lava, by dropping out of sight, it has to be going somewhere,” said Steven Brantley, deputy scientist in charge of Hawaiian Volcano Observatory of the U.S. Geological Survey. FULL REPORT