Hundreds of people dressed as witches are to attend the pagan funeral of a practising wizard. Eron the Wizard – real name Ian Wilson – died of cancer aged 62 and his last wish was for a Wiccan funeral. High priestess Julia Stoiber, a close friend of Ian, will be flying in from Austria to head Thursday’s ceremony, which begins with four torch bearers representing the elements. The group will then cast a circle and bless it with the elements before calling the watchtowers.

Pagan prayers and blessings will then be said. His daughter, Rebecca Spencer, 27, said her dad was well-respected in the wizard world and she will give him the funeral he wanted. She said: “To me, he was just my dad but he was different to others. He was a practising wizard who looked like Merlin and even carried a staff. “He travelled all over the UK telling people to believe in magic. “Being pagan meant a lot to him and, with this Wiccan funeral, I’m giving dad everything that he wanted.” FULL REPORT