In recent weeks we’ve seen numerous reports of how banks are actively working with governments to restrict cash usage. JP Morgan Chase, one of the world’s largest banks, has advised their customers that storing cash in their safe deposit boxes is no longer allowed – for your safety, of course. The new policy sounds ridiculous but makes complete sense when you consider that you would then be left with no other choice than to hold your money exclusively in your bank account, where the bank will simplycharge you for the privilege of depositing your funds in their fine financial institution.

Any normal working class individual would have the same reaction you’re problem having right now to this news: take your cash out of the bank. While that may sound like a great plan, it turns out that bank employees have been told by the governmentthat they should be reporting to law enforcement officials any suspicious looking cash transactions, especially withdrawals, even if they are for just a couple of thousand dollars so that enforcement agents can then seize those funds. They want to ensure total control and by controlling your cash flow, they control you. It’s as simple as that. As noted below, the ideal situation for the world’s central bankers and governments is a total ban on cash transactions. It is, after all, the 21st century. Who needs cash when you have a debit card or phone payment systems? FULL REPORT