Southern Quebec Canada is reporting a 2.7 magnitude earthquake which was just added to the USGS feeds. In addition, Michigan has now experienced the largest earthquake in State history (since at least 1946). Measuring 4.2 magnitude, this rare event was felt across multiple states, including Indiana, Ohio, and North into Canada. The additional listed Quebec 2.7 magnitude earthquake is worthy to note in light of its location to the other events which transpired over the past 24 hours. This graphic below shows the past 24 hours of 2.5M+ earthquakes in the United States. No doubt the two equidistantly spaced earthquakes FLANKING each side of the Michigan 4.2M event are related to the overall craton edge movement.

We were expecting the area of Southern Quebec to show movement. It would appear this earthquake activity in Quebec hit as part of this 4.2M Michigan event Regardless of which order of events occurred, BOTH earthquakes reside upon the general “edge” of the North American Craton. In this graphic below, the past 7 days of Earthquake activity revels, undeniably, that the whole of the North American plate was displaced this past week (up to May 2, 2015 5pm CDT). FULL REPORT