For a number of years now, some people have been warning us that the government has plans to impose martial law in the United States and that they are simply waiting for an excuse to do so. The people who believe in such plans are generally labeled as “conspiracy theorists,” but several recent incidents lend some credence to their predictions. For example, on April 11, 2015, residents of Ontario, California, were stunned by the sight of National Guard troops marching in formation through the streets of their city in an exercise the Guard claims was merely “endurance training” and part of what they term a “community outreach” program.

Nonetheless, local citizens were alarmed by the presence of armed troops in their community, and a video of the maneuvers has gone viral, leaving many wondering what exactly is really going on. A local CBS News station interviewed Ontario residents who were concerned and skeptical about the real meaning behind the march through the streets of their community. Ontario resident Vicente Martinez said: “I believe that they’re slowly but surely making their way into martial law. They’re trying to fool us by telling us it’s a training and then when it actually does take place and actually does happen, there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do about it.”  Although it is not illegal for the National Guard to conduct exercises off-base, many people find it highly unusual for them to march through the streets of a residential area. One can’t help but wonder just how this operation classifies as “community outreach.” FULL REPORT