It seems like drones are everywhere these days. You can read about them all over the Internet, see them in parks across the country and now, for some Winter Park neighbors, they’re flying around back yards.The problem is, the residents are concerned because they tell Local 6 they don’t know who is doing it. One video a viewer sent Local 6 shows a drone flying just feet off the ground in one woman’s backyard as she and a man look at it. “It’s like ‘Terminator 2,'” she said. “Right, it’s coming after us,” he replied. Other neighbors we spoke to tell Local 6 that it’s becoming a common sight.

“I got out of my car, and it’s right there, right above the bird-of-paradise,” said Jennifer Doran. Doran is referencing the first of three drones she’s seen buzzing around her property. “We probably, in the last month, have seen every couple days a different drone,” said Doran. “Like, it was just looking right at me. They’re recording children in bathing suits or they’re recording the teenager across the street, who lays out in her front yard in her bikini. It’s unsettling. Kids can’t be kids without someone flying over and taking pictures or recording them and you don’t know if they’re using it for malicious purposes. You don’t know if it’s going to appear on the Internet, appear in some pictures somewhere. You just don’t know and that’s really disturbing.” MORE