A mysterious, hand-drawn prayer wheel inside of the Liesborn Gospel Book, a rare, 1,035-year-old text that is comprised solely of the Christian gospels, continues to perplex experts. Little is known of the origins and use of the hand-drawn prayer wheel — which was written in Latin and was reportedly commissioned by a German nun — though the Daily Mail reported that it was drawn on a blank page in the book about a century after it was published.

The Liesborn Gospel Book, which dates to the year 980, is currently on sale for $6.5 million by New York City’s Les Enluminures Gallery, where it is being heralded as a rare and coveted text, but it is the wheel that is, perhaps, most intriguing. “God” is in the center of the diagram, with outer circles surrounding it. The outer ring reads, “The order of the diagram written here teaches the return home,” though it is unclear exactly what this is referring to. FULL REPORT