People fled into the street in Wanaka as a magnitude 5.8 earthquake shook the lower South Island. The 5.8 magnitude quake at 2.29pm was located 30km northwest of Wanaka. It was at a depth of 4km. Buildings in Queenstown and Wanaka were swaying for several seconds. A second and lighter shake followed 10 minutes later. It was located 20km west of Wanaka at a depth of 11km and was a magnitude 3.4. Apart from being “very noisy” the earthquake didn’t topple over one bottle, said Super Liquor Wanaka duty manager, Cris Johnston.

She said they had pellets stacked up high, and not one toppled over. “We were very lucky,” she said.Stephanie Botha, who lives Tarras, east of Wanaka, said the earthquake “sounded like a freight train”. “Not a rolling one,” she added. “A rattling one.” Botha is a new mother and said she was unsure whether she should grab her baby and run out or wait for it to pass. By the time she got under the door frame with her baby, the earthquake had passed. “The house sounded like a money tin,” she said. She had been through a few earthquakes but this was the first time she had felt nervous, she said. There was no damage at her house. MORE