A 3.9-magnitude earthquake has been recorded in the Los Angeles area, the US Geological Survey reports. Though the quake was shallow, residents across the basin say they were woken up by the tremor. The shallow earthquake occurred just one mile from View Park-Windsor Hills, California, at 4:07 am on Sunday morning. The quake, which struck at a depth of 5.6 miles, was classified by the USGS as “light”. However, it was still felt over a wide area of the LA basin.

It was the second earthquake in less than a month along the Newport-Inglewood fault. A magnitude-3.5 quake hit the same area on April 12. The Los Angeles Fire Department briefly went into “earthquake mode.” As its helicopters surveyed more than 470 square miles in the area and all 106 fire stations conducted safety checks, the alert was lifted.The current seismic period is, however, a relatively calm one. With not many shocks reaching even magnitude 3 in recent months, because “far less” energy is being released in earthquakes than it is being stored from tectonic plate motions. FULL REPORT