Produced in conjunction with fellow technology manufacturer Fujitsu, the Arrows NX F-04G smartphone will utilize a user’s iris pattern to carry out a multitude of tasks. Captured using both the phone’s infrared camera and LED, the iris scan will allow a user to unlock their device, confirm payments, and access several built-in Docomo services. A promotional video from Docomo featuring disgruntled password attemptees boasts the phone’s convenience and security. “Have you had trouble with a password?” the video asks. According to the International Business Times, the feature gives users greater peace of mind than fingerprint scanners used on other leading smartphones. 

“Unlike fingerprint scanners such as those found on the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, the iris scanner lets users unlock their phones without the need to take off their gloves or worry about unsavory characters making copies of their fingerprints,” the Times reports.

Although security researcher Jan Krissler was able to successfully recreate the thumbprint of Germany’s federal minister of defense last year using publicly-available photos, a more recent hack by Krissler also produced a similar method for bypassing iris scans as well. MORE