All the talk about the Jade Helm military exercises targeting Texas as “hostile territory” has turned the mainstream media into its usual self: finger-wagging denialists who pretend nothing is ever a threat unless they say so first. Jade Helm is no threat to your safety, they insist, but a tiny measles outbreak in Disneyland that killed no one should have you screaming in total panic. (Did you properly put on your measles paranoia tin foil hat before getting injected at Walgreens?)

According to the status quo media, nothing nefarious is ever planned by governments. Never mind the fact that nearly every act of genocide and war in the last two centuries was planned and carried out by governments. The phenomenon is called “democide,” and in just the last century or so, over 260 million people have been mass murdered by governments The clueless mainstream media also has a very short memory. It can’t remember world history, American history or even what it reported five years ago. As I show here, the very same things the media is now reporting as facts were derided as “conspiracy theories” just a few short years ago. Here are ten relevant examples: FULL REPORT