Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Dallas megachurch, is not mincing words when it comes to Islam. Indeed, he’s telling it exactly like it is in his six-week “Countdown to Apocalypse” series: Islam is a false religion that will take you straight to hell. “It was Satan himself who delivered those delusions to those people to lead people by the millions away from God,” Jeffress told his 11,000-member congregation. “Islam is a false religion that will lead you to hell. It is based on a false book that is based on a fraud. It was founded by a false prophet who was leading people away instead of to the one true God.”

Jeffress made parallels between Islamic radicals like Boko Haram, al-Shabaab and ISIS and the antichrist. The antichrist, he explained, will work to exterminate Jews and Christians from the world just like these terrorist groups. “Did you know that there were more martyrs in the 20th century than all the other centuries combined together? … Jesus said, ‘These things are going to be like the birth pains of a woman. They will increase in intensity and in frequency,’ he warned. FULL REPORT