Using the hashtag #LondonAttacks, ISIS fighters have announced their plans for a bombing campaign in the capital. The sick boasts include pictures of a cache of machine guns piled into the back of a car with the words: “Bismallah [in the name of God] we are coming”. Another user tweeted “just learnt how to make suicide belt by my brother…will be using in #LondonAttack” alongside a photo of what appears to be a crudely-made package wrapped in duct-tape The messages come amid ongoing concerns about the rise of ISIS-affiliated groups operating in the West.

Just last week, two men launched an attack on an exhibition containing drawings of the Prophet Muhammed in Texas. A manual circulated online also shares tips for “how to survive in the West”, including options would-be terrorists have for smuggling weapons in cars and evading the security services. The latest warnings of an attack in London saw some Twitter users give details of the specific location of an alleged strike, with one user claiming Floral Street in Covent Garden was the intended target. FULL REPORT