New Federal school lunch rules, pioneered by the lovely First Lady Michelle Obama, are leaving school children with paltry rations and unappetizing slop. A new photo taken at a public school in Virginia shows one example of what children are being fed under the new USDA school lunch guidelines. The ghastly five-compartment yellow tray was nearly empty in the picture. Only two slots were filled. One compartment contained a sloppy entree of some kind of hybrid corn-soy meal. The largest compartment in the tray held a scaly slab of fish with some sort of meager bread muffin thrown on top.

The whole food presentation looks disgusting enough to make any school-aged child resort to the nearest vending machine or simply starve himself for the rest of the day. This meal is exactly what you can expect from a government that subsidizes chemical-based agriculture and franken-foods. The “food” on the tray is exactly what one would expect from a government that is in bed with big agriculture and factory farming operations. The GMO corn/soy meal on the lunch tray hardly looks suitable for livestock, let alone schoolchildren. The scaly, factory farmed fish slab and subsidized wheat roll are probably loaded with more glyphosate and mercury than actual nutrition. FULL REPORT