Hundreds of fished turned up dead overnight in a popular Seminole County lake. Residents of the Sweetwater Oaks community in Longwood said they are shocked and want answers. “I’m just flabbergasted. I just don’t understand what happened,” resident Sasha Sanchez. She said she discovered the dead fish around 7 a.m. Thursday. WESH 2 spotted a small school of live fish downstream from where hundreds of dead ones were found in the Sweetwater Cove Lake, which runs into the Wekiva River. “Just like that.

It was not like this yesterday,” Sanchez said. Seminole County officials said they have collected water samples for testing. They also said they hired a company Wednesday to spray copper sulfate and peroxide to treat and invasive exotic algae presence, called lyngbya, in the water. Because the fish kill occurred within 24 hours of that spraying, county officials said they suspect that could be the cause. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said there are other factors, such as an algae bloom, that could cause a fish die-off, but that they don’t discount the possibility that it was caused by a chemical imbalance. FULL REPORT