If the Supreme Court finds there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage next month, the tax-exempt status of any nonprofit groups that refuse to embrace the movement could soon be on the chopping block. Writing in a column for USA Today, Home School Legal Defense Association Chairman Michael Farris said religious and even non-religious nonprofit institutions will likely be targeted by the government for holding to traditional standards on sex, marriage and morality. 

“All of these entities are exempt from taxation under the same section of the IRS code. And even though churches can be exempt without application, their exemption can nonetheless be revoked,” Farris wrote. “Even if it takes the IRS years to begin the enforcement proceedings against such institutions, we can expect other fallout from this decision to begin shortly after the release of the Supreme Court’s opinion.” The premise for this concern is rooted in a widely reported exchange during the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on marriage held on April 28. FULL REPORT