If you maintain an avid, robust online presence, chances are that you do a lot of searching. You might search for web sites, data, studies, and news. Perhaps you even search for some things you would prefer that others didn’t know about. If you use Google as your main search engine – and judging by the company’s mega-earnings, most people do – your search history is carefully, systematically and completely tracked and documented.

How do we know? According to the search giant, every search query you’ve ever typed into the site’s Spartan home page and subsequent search pages is being made available at your request. As reported by Britain’s Daily Mail, you can even edit – that is, delete – part or even all of your Google search record. According to the Daily Mail, “The feature exports your searches to Google Drive in a ZIP archive, with files divided by year and quarter.” “You can download all of your saved search history to see a list of the terms you’ve searched for,” a Google support page says. “This gives you access to your data when and where you want.” MORE