Another dormant volcano has shown movement on the West coast of the United states. After three other dormant volcanoes showed movement along the West coast ( just over the past few hours – late PM May 15th), now we see the area near Mammoth Mountain Volcano, located in Central Eastern California, has experienced a 3.2M earthquake.

This makes FOUR different dormant volcanoes showing earthquake activity near the 3.0M level along the ENTIRE West coast in just a few hours time. Mount Hood Volcano (Oregon), Glacier Peak Volcano (Washington State), Markagunt Volcanic plateau (Utah), and now Mammoth Mountain Volcano (California). This dormant volcanic earthquake activity is a sign of greater seismic pressure building in the area. The greater pressure means there is an increased threat of a larger earthquake in the region. The amount of pressure it would take to displace the ENTIRE West coast from Washington state to South Central Utah is tremendous. FULL REPORT