As honeybee hives collapse and farmers crops are put in jeopardy, President Barack Obama announced a national strategy to help keep the bees healthy. With the recent loss of bee colonies, local beekeepers and honey producers are relieved a solution may be on its way. Nancy Stewart has run the only beekeeping and honey store in Sacramento for 30 years and has never seen the problem so bad. 

“When the bees die off they can’t get the pollination and it affects the amount of food produced,” she said. It’s called Colony Collapse Disorder, and she’s happy the government is taking notice. Last week, a group of universities and laboratories announced beekeepers lost more than 42 percent of their colonies between 2014 and 2015—an 8 percent increase from a year before.Serena Castro works fro Sola Bee Farms which sells honey at farmers markets and provides bees to farmers. A few years ago, her company’s entire line of bees died. FULL REPORT