An Iraqi-American man who likely entered the country as a refugee or asylum seeker in 2009 has been arrested in Mesquite, Texas, on charges that he pledged allegiance to Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS. The FBI says Bilal Abood, 37, lied to the agency about his travels to Syria last year. He is charged with making false statements, according to a federal criminal complaint. Abood is a licensed security guard and had worked as an interpreter for the U.S. Army before emigrating to the U.S., according to his LinkedIn page. 

Abood told ABC News 8 in Dallas this past summer that the FBI had “harassed him” when he refused to cooperate. The FBI’s complaint, unsealed Thursday, says that on March 29, 2013, Abood was refused permission to board a flight at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Abood told agents he planned to visit his family in Iraq. But the FBI complaint says Abood later changed his story and claimed he planned to travel to Syria to fight against the Assad regime with the Free Syrian Army. MORE