Neighbors in Central Virginia are reporting a recent surge in copperhead snake sightings. In fact, viewers have contacted our newsroom saying the poisonous snakes are slithering near their homes. One woman posted on the WTVR CBS 6 Facebook page that she had been bitten Wednesday by a copperhead near the family’s woodpile in her Chesterfield County backyard. 

“I am currently in the ER because I got bit on the ankle by a copperhead! Please watch the ground and watch your kids!” Traci Byrd-Eagles warned. “I am forever telling my husband and kids to watch for copperheads, especially when around the firewood… We live in a subdivision but are surrounded by woods.” Nearly 24 hours after Byrd-Eagles was bitten, she was recovering at home and “not feeling so great.” She shared a photo of her swollen ankle. WTVR CBS 6 reporter Shelby Brown went in search of answers to find out what folks should do if they spot a copperhead on their property. FULL REPORT