Students at a Welsh university have voted to remove thousands of Bibles from halls of residence, in a move being described as “illiberal and intolerant.” A motion passed at an Aberystwyth University Students’ Union meeting called for an end to the tradition of having Gideon Bibles in students’ bedrooms, branding it “inappropriate in a multicultural university.” 

Those behind the motion are pressing for the Bibles to be removed by the end of the academic year and have proposed that students could instead request a religious text if they want one. University officials will now decide whether or not to accept the motion. Aberystwyth University alumnus and Group Chief Executive of Bible Society James Catford said when the proposal was first put forward, that he disagreed with the idea. Responding to claims that the Bible ban is in the name of multiculturalism, he said: “The answer to a diverse and multicultural society is not to remove all traces of diversity. That seems illiberal and intolerant.” FULL REPORT