Written By Bert Farias – About a year ago during a time of prayer in the Spirit, my wife heard a large squeaky door open. It was an ancient door that had not been opened in a very long time. It reminded me of a similar word that Daniel of old received when the Lord told him that the words of his end time vision were closed up and sealed till the end of time (Dan. 12:9). Some doors are reserved to be open at the appointed time.

Imagine Simeon, and Anna the prophetess, praying and waiting for the redemption of Israel (Lk. 2:25-38). Imagine praying for a door like that to open. Imagine Jesus praying in the garden and sweating great drops of blood in His final days as He executed the plan of the Father to finally culminate the redemption of mankind (Matt. 26). Imagine the 120 in the upper room waiting for the outpouring of the Holy Ghost and the birthing of the glorious church (Acts 2).

Imagine Cornelius being visited by an angel and receiving instructions from the risen Lord concerning the key role he was to play in opening up the door of the gospel to the Gentiles (Acts 10). We have reached such a time for another door to open. We need Simeons and Annas, and Corneliuses to pray and give birth to the great and final plan of God in this dispensation. MORE