The cost of eggs is rising as more chickens die from bird flu. New information from the federal department of agriculture shows a price jump this week of 32 cents a dozen. The ag department says bird flu has claimed 34 million birds in 15 states, and the virus is still spreading. The disease hasn’t hit Illinois, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be affected by the outbreak. Dan Johnston of Sunrise Cafe has been frying eggs for his customers for 34 years.

“I use hundreds of dozens of eggs a week, but that’s nothing. Everything has eggs in it. From pancake mix to pasta,” Johnston said. Johnston is preparing to pay more for all of it. Avian flu, or bird flu, is wiping out part of the nations chicken flocks and egg supplies are falling short of demand. “It went up $5 in a weeks time and it hasn’t even really hit us yet. They’re talking $40 a case maybe not out of the question,” Johnston said. The University of Illinois Extension is working to educate both poultry producers and consumers on the bird flu outbreak. “We’re talking almost 34 million birds with this one in the mid-west, kind of centered around Iowa, but so far Illinois is clear,” said John Fulton, extension director. FULL REPORT