The globalists’ war on cash is continuing as Australia is set to actually begin taxing physical monetary holdings – in other words, savings. According to Martin Armstrong of financial advisory firm Armstrong Economics, the compulsory savings tax to be implemented by the continent Down Under is part of what he and others have described as the “new age of Economic Totalitarianism.” “Australia will be the first to introduce a compulsory tax on savings. This is the ultimate Marxist state, for now anyone with spare cash is the enemy of the conservative Tony Abbott government,” Armstrong wrote. He said that it was high time more people began to spread the word to get behind plans to change the game while there is still time. He said that the Australian compulsory tax, which will be part of the nation’s 2015 budget, is part and parcel of a larger global scheme to confiscate and control all wealth as a means of staving off financial ruin: 

All we do is perpetually borrow year after year with ZERO intention of reducing debt no less actually pay it off. We could not possibly pay off our debts because taxes would have to exceed 100%. There is no way to pay off the debts without eliminating all our freedoms and turn back to a communistic state which just then owns everything. Get out of the banks, Australians What needs to happen, he said, is to break the cycle of perpetual government borrowing and taxing to finance its over-spending. If not, it “will lead to the total destruction of Western culture, for we are plagued by insane power-hungry politicians who cannot see past their nose.” FULL REPORT