OKLAHOMA CITY – Authorities are set to survey the damage that was left behind after tornadoes swept through the southern plains, overturning cars and destroying dozens of homes near Oklahoma City Wednesday night. At least 12 people were injured, but no deaths were immediately reported from the twisters that also whipped through rural parts of Texas, Kansas and Nebraska. “We’ll have much better picture of how widespread the damage is when the sun comes up tomorrow,” meteorologist Forrest Mitchell with the National Weather Service in Norman said.

The Oklahoma City area seemed to be the hardest hit. A twister destroyed homes in Grady County and it appeared another tornado touched down in the area later Wednesday when a second storm came through. “We do strongly think there was a tornado on the south side of Oklahoma City,” meteorologist Michael Scotten said after the second storm that hit around 8:40 p.m. The stormed flipped vehicles over vehicles on Interstate 35 and left power lines strewn across the roadway, Scrotten said.

Lara O’Leary, a spokeswoman for Emergency Medical Services Authority, said late Wednesday that the company transported 12 patients from a trailer park in south Oklahoma City to local hospitals. She did not give further details about the extent of the patients’ injuries. MORE