Last week, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins was invited to be on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.” What was supposed to be a cordial conversation about the Supreme Court and same-sex marriage turned out to be a professional ambush. Host Bob Schieffer pounced on the Family Research Council, calling them an anti-gay hate group. He was using discredited intelligence from the Southern Poverty Law Center to bolster his arguments. It was an ugly interview.

Tony Perkins is my friend. He is a good and decent and honorable man — and he deserves better.

The Conservative Action Project fired off a letter to CBS demanding an apology, calling the interview an assault against Judeo-Christian people of faith. “It is now clearer than ever before that the liberal media — including CBS … will stop at nothing to use their power and the power of the government to silence, shame, punish and fine Americans who embrace traditional marriage and other politically incorrect truths,” the letter read in part. FULL REPORT