Major seismic unrest is currently showing in multiple areas around the planet. The past 24-48 hours (up to 200am CDT May 23, 2015) has seen a serious uptick in earthquake unrest. The unrest has spread to multiple locations including several rare areas which don’t normally see noteworthy movement, such as the M4.0 which just struck South England (along the English channel), or the 5.4 magnitude earthquake which struck near Las Vegas Nevada.

In addition to the rare movement in Nevada, and the UK, a large borderline 7.0M struck near Papua New Guinea, as well as additional movement across the Philippines, South Japan, and the coast of China. This is a tremendous amount of activity to see in one 24 hour time period. The areas which have seen movement need to be on watch for additional nearby activity, in the case of Nevada we should be watching the West coast for movement in the watch zones over the next 5-6 days. FULL REPORT