UK’s Cameron urges Netanyahu to pursue two-state solutionIt now appears that pressure is coming from Britain to force Israel to sucumb to a “Two-State Solution” as reports indicate that Britain’s prime minister spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by phone on Monday, urging him to pursue a two-state solution with the Palestinians.  David Cameron told Netanyahu that a negotiated solution that created a Palestinian state was the best way to “achieve a lasting peace and to secure Israel’s long-term security and prosperity,” the British Guardian reported. A Cameron spokesman said the British leader “congratulated [Netanyahu] on winning the recent Israeli elections, and looked forward to working with the new government when it was formed.” Netanyahu made pre-election comments that were interpreted as a disavowal of his commitment to establishing a Palestinian state, though he walked them back immediately after his victory. Earlier in the day, Cameron told MPs in the House of Commons that he would lean on Netanyahu to re-start talks with the Palestinians.  “We must put pressure on both sides to make sure talks get going on a two-state solution,” Cameron said to the lawmakers. “I think that’s in the long term interest not just to the Palestinians, but also to the Israelis, and Britain’s policy on that will not change.” “If there isn’t a two-state solution you end up moving towards a one-state solution which I think will be disastrous for the Jewish people in Israel,” Cameron added Monday. “So I really do believe in the two-state solution and we’re very much opposed to the settlement building that there has been and been very clear about that and will continue to be clear about that. It makes a two-state solution more difficult and that in turn will make Israel less stable rather than more stable.” FULL REPORT